How I Found Dog Training Classes For Our Puppy

Recently my daughter, Jenny, had her 4th birthday. Leading up to the big day she had been vehement that she simply had to have a new puppy.

Now my daughter loves anything that’s alive. Horses, dogs, cats, even bugs. Well, I reasoned, a dog eats a log less than a horse and is more interesting than an ant farm. Her mother and I talked it over and decided to consider it.

So we went to the local library and found a couple excellent books on dog breeds. We took them home and over the next couple of weeks we reviewed the different breeds with Jenny.

Much to our chagrin, when we got to the section on Mastiffs, Jenny fell in love and just knew that was the puppy she was meant to have. I quietly thought, “maybe a small horse wouldn’t be so bad?”

Then I quickly explained to her that these dogs grow to be three to four times here current size. I explained that they eat almost as much as a horse! But it made no impression on her until I explained that such an enormous dog could never be happy in the small yard we have.

Without missing a beat, she replied, “then we’ll just have to move!” Her mother came to my rescue and explained that we just were not able to move anytime soon and that was just not an option.

Jenny came back with, “then we’ll just have to find a smaller dog that can be happy here.” Whew! Dodged that bullet, I thought. And we resumed our search for the perfect dog breed.

Springer Spaniel Puppy Training
Springer Spaniel Puppy Training

A friend and co-worker informed us that his dog, a Springer Spaniel, was due to have puppies. I told him my daughter wanted a new puppy for her birthday. He promised to let me know when the puppies were born.

A few days later he called me and said the puppies were here. We agreed to bring Jenny over the next day.

The puppies were so tiny! Jenny asked why they didn’t have eyes. We explained that they do have eyes they just are not old enough yet to open them.

We went back many times over the next few weeks to watch the puppies’ progress. Over that time, Jenny fell in love with a playful male who would run from one sibling to another. Constantly playing and loving life.

Needless to say, we ended up with a fine springer spaniel puppy for Jenny’s birthday. She named him Eddy.

Now Eddy is 10 weeks old and I want to get him trained. I’ve been looking all over town and found that PetSmart seemed like a good idea.

I began searching for reviews to see what people had say. That’s when I found the really honest PetSmart dog training classes review at This helped me make a decision.

While PetSmarts dog training didn’t look like the worst choice one could make, I also read their review of Doggy Dans Online Dog Training. The idea of learning online how to train Eddy, then putting into practice was appealing.

I’m sure glad I did!

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